Escape Rooms

What are Escape rooms?
The whole point of an escape room is to search for clues and solve puzzles and they are a ton of fun for anyone to enjoy, but there might be more to escape rooms besides simply being an enjoyable activity. The act of problem and puzzle solving is actually very beneficial for brain function, and brain activity.
Is an escape room good for team building?
Yes! Escape Rooms are designed with Team building in mind as the more solid your teamwork is the quicker you can escape each game.
How many clues do we get?
In escape rooms every chest or part relevant to the game has a clue if you don’t understand a clue, hints will be provided.
How much time do I have in an Escape Room?
In escape rooms you have one hour to complete a game.
Can just our group play.
General we encourage players to come with there own groups as play with strangers could be difficult.
How many people can play at a time?
At the Dutch blonde Escape Room we recommend each group to have at minimum 4 players and maximum of 8, we do sometimes allow 10 players.
How old do you have to be to play
We allow anyone who is or above the age of 15 to play.
When should I arrive?
Dutch Blonde Escape shares the same roof as the Dutch Blonde Beach Bar & Bar, with that in minded we recommend players to arrive 15 minutes before game time. You are also free to come earlier if you wish the Bar beforehand.