Tourist FAQ

What is Sint Maarten drinking age?

The Island of Sint Maarten/ St Martin legal age is 18.


What makes your beer so fruity?

Take our brewery tours and you may find out.

FAQs for Beer.

How long is your beer tour?
Our Beer tours last between 1.30 to 2 hours on average.
What is included on the tour?
Unlimited drinking of our beers, also you get to drink straight from the tank, which no where in the world you get to do it. Also towards the end we give you our very own made “Naughty Blonde Cocktail.
Where does the tour meet, and where can I park during my tour?
The Tour starts at Caribbean Brewing Company, Pointe Blanche #3 ,Sint Maarten. We have a parking facility in front of our Brewery
What if I don’t drink craft beer but still want to take the tour?
Yes ,you can come and take the Tour for $25.00
What kinds of things will I learn on the tour?
Along with the story the Owner tells you will know the process of beer making.
Can I purchase beer and/or merchandise on my own at the breweries?
Yes you can purchase beer and merchandise on your own at the brewery
How many beers do you make?
We Brew 4 beers of which 2 are seasonal
What Award has your beer won?
Our Dutch Blonde has won Silver in London Beer Competition.